Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Tweet Is In!

Join me in discussion sometime. When it comes to marketing, communication on the topic relative to your business, municipality or organization couldn't be more relevant--especially in today's economic landscape. I'd like to hear what your concerns, obstacles or sucesses are...and just have open, interesting conversation. Involvement is what keeps us all ahead of the game, or at least ready to go when it shifts.

Fred's Surprise 65th Birthday Bash!!!

Long overdue, I've finally created a blog page, which I will utilize for business purposes long after this party is over. I almost hope, for the time being anyway, that this does not come up on Google search and spoil the surprise. Our Mr. Fred has this tendency to check on me every now and again to see how well I'm doing in the world. Under normal circumstances, I'd be thrilled to come up in the top 3. Let's just pray that holds out until after June.

Anyway, for those responding to the mailed invitation, go ahead and click on the link below:

This was a little long-winded to send on the card...additionally it does not go to the site directly (for some odd reason) if you type in the URL. So, please click on the link and RSVP early so I can get a head count, preparing enough food for the lot. This should be an exciting event. I'm literally busting at the seams to keep this secret!!